Teams allow you to share and edit surveys with other Enterprise users. Team settings give you the ability to assign different permissions to your team members. This can drastically ease the process of reviewing the survey and editing it before publishing.

After you invite other people to join your team on one of your surveys, that survey will be placed in the Shared Survey List.

How to open teams

  1. Click on the survey you want to share.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click on the Team tab.

How to add a new team member

  1. Enter their email.
  2. Set the privileges in the sub-navigation under privileges.
  3. Click Invite.

How to find shared surveys

  1. Open your Survey List.
  2. In the top left sub-navigation, under SurveyPlanet logo, choose Shared.

Team member privileges

There are 3 types of privileges in a team. Those are Read, Write, and Admin privileges.

The person with a Read privilege has access to your survey, can look at it, see and export the results, access the insights, but they can’t change anything in regards to that survey.

The person who has Write privilege has everything the person with Read privileges has, plus the ability to make changes to the survey.

The person who has the Admin privileges will, besides the writing privileges, also be able to add other team members and change privileges. The Owner of the survey has an Owner badge next to their account name and they are Admin by default. Owners can’t be changed from Admin to Write or from Admin to Read. In the case you would like to give the ownership of the survey to someone else make sure to contact support at

If two people are editing a survey at the same time and person A saves their changes, person B won’t see A's changes. If person B then saves their changes, person A's changes will be overwritten.