Survey Insights

Survey insights are a new way to analyze your survey data. With insights, you will be able to see the performance data of your surveys in real-time. Insights will show you detailed metrics, such as drop rate, completes, uncompleted, as well as an overview of your participant's information such as location, device, and an average time they took to complete your survey.

To open insights,

  1. Open the survey you would like to analyze from your Survey List.
  2. Click on Results.
  3. Click on the Insights tab at the top of the page.

General insights

At the top of the page, you will be met with the performance bar. Here you will see a few metrics including Active Now, Unique Sessions, Average Time, Completed, and Bounced.

Active Now

Active Now shows how many users are currently active on your survey. This number is always changing, so don’t worry if you see a zero. Keep in mind that this only counts unique sessions, so if someone completes the survey and returns to it they are not considered active.

Unique Sessions

Unique Sessions tab shows how many participants in total visited your survey. This will count both the people who have completed your survey and the people who finished it.

Average Time

Although our handy length estimator gives you the approximate time it takes your participants to complete the survey, Average Time will give you the exact average that it takes. This will help you understand your audience better and will prepare you for making and optimizing surveys in the future.


Find out, at a glance, the total number of your survey completions.


Bounces represent the number of participants who started working on your survey and never finished it. If the participants ever come back to the survey and complete it, the bounces will decrease and the Completed will increase. Keep in mind that these are unique bounces, so if a participant leaves your survey, comes back, and leaves again, only one bounce is recorded.

Response Rate

Response rate shows you the histogram that indicates how many people took your survey each day. You can change the timeframe from the dropdown menu.


Find out from where your participants took the survey. Bear in mind that we do not track the exact locations of your users, but rather extrapolate the data from their IP addresses, which is public information. A single participant is marked with a red flag while multiple participants are clustered together into a single region. You can zoom in on a cluster to uncover more detail.

Most Difficult Questions

This section shows you with which question your participants are having the most trouble. A drop is counted when a participant switches the tab, leaves the page, closes the window, switches the apps on the phone, and similar actions where they simply stop working on your survey. A drop is counted even if the person returns to the survey.

Device usage

Here you will find which devices your participants are using to take your survey. A pie chart breaks down the percentages for the following 4 categories: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and Others.