SurveyPlanet Pro

SurveyPlanet is one of the most robust survey tools on the market, offering a wide variety of free features. We believe in passing along as many of these free features as possible. For users who require even more advanced features, we have many Pro features that allow you greater customization, analytics and survey creation that are well worth the value of upgrading to a Pro user.

How to Upgrade to SurveyPlanet Pro

  1. Click on the Go Pro button on the upper right portion of your screen.
  2. Under Pro click on Sign Up.
  3. Select Monthly or Yearly. Monthly renews automatically each month and can be canceled at any time. Yearly renews automatically each year and offers you a savings of 25%.
  4. Select the Number of Licenses you are wanting to purchase. The more licenses you purchase, the greater the savings.
  5. Enter your payment information.

For a full list of all of our features for SurveyPlanet Pro, please click here.