You can view your billing details, update your billing information, and purchase additional licenses in the Billing Section of your account page. To access the Billing page click the Menu icon in the top right corner followed by the Account link . Once you're on the Account page click the Billing tab in the sub-navigation.


At the top of the Billing page you'll see a short summary of your SurveyPlanet subscription including your current plan, how many licenses you have, and more. Below your subscription details you can see your Licenses, Payment Methods and Payment History.

Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your Pro subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of a billing cycle, you will still be able to use all your Pro features until the end of the billing cycle, and you won't be automatically billed again.

To cancel your Pro subscription, navigate to the billing page by clicking on the the Menu icon in the top right corner followed by the Account link and then click the Billing tab at the top of the page. Next find the license that is assigned to you and click the Cancel button. This will bring up a confirmation box for you to confirm your cancellation.

Payment Method

A single credit card is required when you purchase a SurveyPlanet license. Adding additional payment methods ensures your subscription is not interrupted if your default card expires or is declined for some reason.

Adding a New Credit Card

To add a new card to your account click the Add Credit Card button in the Payment Methods section of the Billing page. Next, enter the credit card information and click Add Card.

Changing the Default Credit Card

You can change your default credit card on your account at any time in the Payment Methods section of the Billing page. You must have more than one card to change your default card. To change your default credit card on your account, click the Make Default button for the card you would like to be your default.

Deleting a Credit Card

To delete a credit card from your account, find the card you would like to delete in the Payment Methods list, and click the Delete button. Please note that you cannot delete a default card, and you must always have at least one card on your account.

Payment History

To view your Billing History, click on the Account icon and then click the Billing tab at the top of the page. Just below Billing Details, You’ll see Billing History and a list of your payments for your Pro subscription. You can see the date you were charged, the credit card used and the amount charged to your card.

Payment Receipt

You can also click the Receipt icon or Invoice icon to view and print an invoice or receipt for each of these payments. If you are needing a PDF copy of your invoice or receipt with all of your billing information on it, simply click on the Download as PDF on the invoice or receipt screen.

If you notice that any information is missing from the invoice or receipt, be sure to update your billing information first, hit Save, and then try downloading your invoice or receipt again. For our customers who need to have their VAT number on their invoice or receipt, there is also a section in here for you to do that and all invoices and receipts will now have that on them in the future. If you are updating your billing information and need previous receipts to reflect this new address or information, you will need to send us a support email so that we can manually generate this for you.