In the Licenses section of the Billing page you can see all the SurveyPlanet licenses you own. You can also purchase additional licenses, distribute licenses and revoke licenses.

Purchasing Additional Licenses

If you're part of a group or organization, SurveyPlanet has made it simple for you to purchase multiple licenses which you can freely distribute to whomever you like. The benefit of purchasing multiple licenses is that there are tiered discounts based on the total number of licenses you purchase.

Licenses Price Per Discount
1 $180 0%
2–5 $162 10%
6–10 $144 20%
11–15 $126 30%
16–25 $108 40%
26+ $90 50%

Distributing Licenses

If you have multiple licenses you can distribute them to anyone you like. To distribute a license, find an available license in the list and click the Assign link. Next, input the email address of the person you'd like to assign the licenses to and click the Invite button. An invitation email will be sent to the email address you've specified and the license will be assigned once the invitation is accepted.

Revoking Licenses

You can revoke a license that you own at any time by clicking on the Revoke button at the bottom of the license. This will free up the license so that it can be reassigned.

Releasing Licenses

If you've been granted access to a license and you want to release it so you can purchase your own, click the green Release License button at the top of the Billing page.